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Loaded Nachos


I know I have been posting all these yummy, can’t believe it’s healthy and good for you recipes!  Yeah!  It’s so fun to be healthy.  Yeah, it’s so fun to do everything in moderation and hell, when it’s the Divisional round and your team is playing at home and  your QB is Brady, I am not going to eat a salad.  I am going to work my ass off extra that day and I am going to eat some FOOTBALL food Dammit!

These nachos fit the bill.  If you don’t feel like playing with the spices I have on the recipe, skip them and just use a taco mix packet (no one is going to judge you!)  I just might make my famous Honey Hot wings too, last time I made wings and nachos for the game we won……….it’s only crazy if it doesn’t work, right? Continue reading Loaded Nachos

Chicken Roulades with Mushroom Sauce

Chicken Roulade with Mushroom Pan Sauce

After the Holidays I am trying to drop a few pounds and eat lighter (sound fimiliar?).  This is a recipe I found that was pretty light already but I made a few additional tweaks to make it even lighter while keeping all the flavor.  The only way I can eat lighter is to make sure the dishes have a lot of flavor.  I don’t want to eat bland food, life is too short to eat bland food!

The original recipe had you put 2 slices of proscuitto and 2 slices of cheese on each roulade.  I put only 1 of each, kept the flavor but saved those calories.  The original used 3 Tbsp of butter to give a richness to the sauce.  I elimated the butter, added shallots and scallions for flavor and reduced the sauce longer.  These tweaks saved more fat and calories but the end result was really good.  Two thumbs up from Bill so I know it passed the taste test!  I served it with sauteed broccolini to make it a complete meal. Continue reading Chicken Roulades with Mushroom Sauce

Lighter Chicken Parmesan

Lighter Chicken Parmesan

My family LOVES chicken parmesan and I do too but the traditional recipe with flour, egg and bread crumbs sautéed in lots of oil is a special occasion dish.  I wondered if I could lighten it up so we could enjoy it more often.  I told Bill I was making a “healthy” chicken parmesan and he made a face.  He wasn’t sure that would taste so great.  Continue reading Lighter Chicken Parmesan