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Butternut Leek Soup

butternut leek soup

I love this soup recipe. The combination of the roasted butternut with the leeks and ginger is fantastic.  I don’t usually do the fried Leek garnish, but last night Bill and I went out to dinner and his appetizer had these beautiful tasty little fried leeks on it, and when Bill saw the leeks on my cutting board, he asked if I was making fried leeks and I said, good idea!  They will make my picture look pretty.

As quality control I had to have a bowl before I finished this post and I can tell you, the little crispy fried leeks are totally worth it!  :) Continue reading Butternut Leek Soup

Posole (Mexican Pork Stew)

Posole 2

Have I told you how much I adore soups and stews?  Well, I do.  There is something so warm and welcoming about a hearty bowl of homemade soup.  Homemade soup is healthy and inexpensive to make.  Whenever I make a batch, I always double it and freeze the leftovers in individual containers to have on hand for a healthy delicious lunch.  If you are going to double this recipe, make sure you make it in 2 different pots.  I really found making this that if you double in a large pot, the flavors are never as intense as when you make a single batch in one pot.

If you like spice, add more chiles!  I will usually add 3 or so and then an hour into the cooking add a little more if it’s not too spicy. Continue reading Posole (Mexican Pork Stew)

Italian Wedding Soup

italian wedding soup 2

This soup is from one of my favorite cookbooks, Back to Basics by Ina Garten.  When you are craving a hot comforting bowl of soup, this is a satisfying, healthy option.  I always make a double batch and freeze the rest.

Cook whatever pasta you want on the side.  If you add it to the pan, the leftovers won’t freeze well and get really soggy.  I tend to grab whatever pasta is open and needs to be used up.  In this case, I cut up some spaghetti.  You can skip the pasta if you are Gluten free or Paleo.  Continue reading Italian Wedding Soup

Turkey Tuscan Soup

Turkey Tuscan Soup

I just love a bowl of soup, especially when the weather is getting cold and a fire is roaring in the fireplace.  Some like the soup with lots of veggies, meat & pasta and some like more broth.  I am a broth girl.  I much prefer more broth, just ask Bill he has heard this a million times!  LOL  This broth takes on an italian twist with the addition of tomatoes and rosemary.  I add the red pepper for a little heat but you can ommit if you don’t like that.  You could add some pancetta to this as well………hmm I think I will do that next time!

Soups are fabulous for being creative.  Don’t like spinach?  Replace with escarole.  Don’t have chopped tomatoes?  Add fresh, or stewed.  Soups are also good for using up those lone veggies that are going to go bad if you don’t use them up.  Have fun experimenting and creating a healthy delicious soup.  Continue reading Turkey Tuscan Soup