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Butternut Leek Soup

butternut leek soup

I love this soup recipe. The combination of the roasted butternut with the leeks and ginger is fantastic.  I don’t usually do the fried Leek garnish, but last night Bill and I went out to dinner and his appetizer had these beautiful tasty little fried leeks on it, and when Bill saw the leeks on my cutting board, he asked if I was making fried leeks and I said, good idea!  They will make my picture look pretty.

As quality control I had to have a bowl before I finished this post and I can tell you, the little crispy fried leeks are totally worth it!  :) Continue reading Butternut Leek Soup

Loaded Nachos


I know I have been posting all these yummy, can’t believe it’s healthy and good for you recipes!  Yeah!  It’s so fun to be healthy.  Yeah, it’s so fun to do everything in moderation and hell, when it’s the Divisional round and your team is playing at home and  your QB is Brady, I am not going to eat a salad.  I am going to work my ass off extra that day and I am going to eat some FOOTBALL food Dammit!

These nachos fit the bill.  If you don’t feel like playing with the spices I have on the recipe, skip them and just use a taco mix packet (no one is going to judge you!)  I just might make my famous Honey Hot wings too, last time I made wings and nachos for the game we won……….it’s only crazy if it doesn’t work, right? Continue reading Loaded Nachos

Winter Caprese Salad

Winter Capresse Salad

I am a tomato fanatic.  I stalk the farms in the summer just waiting for the first round of local fresh tomatoes and once they arrive, I eat them every day, sometimes at every meal.  There is nothing so wonderful as a warm tomato with a little salt on it……..heaven.  Once September ends and the only tomatoes I can get are at the grocery store, it’s a little depressing.  Even if they are ripe and red they don’t taste anywhere near like the summer tomatoes.

This salad has you roast the tomatoes slowly and the roasting process makes those ho hum store bought winter tomatoes taste….wait for it………Good!  They may not rank with the summer ones, but they are close.  This is a great starter or side dish for a comforting winter meal. Continue reading Winter Caprese Salad

Chile Rellenos

Chile RellenosI love Chile Rellenos but I must say the deep fried meat stuffed ones you get at most Mexican restaurants is just too much.  Too rich and heavy.  I created this one with cheese instead of meat and I bake it with panko instead of frying it.  The sauce is a little spicy and smooth and the end result is a great appetizer or light dinner if you added a salad on the side.  The sauce freezes great, so feel free to make a double batch, put it in a labeled zip lock bag and freeze for another time.  The sauce would be great on grilled chicken or fish too :) Continue reading Chile Rellenos

Buffalo Chicken Dip

Buffalo Chicken Dip

Spicy, gooey, cheesy, yummy.  There is nothing like a good hot dip and a big bowl of chips.  I made these lighter by using the light cream cheese!  LOL, ok so this is not a recipe you make on January 2nd, when you are wanting to eat lean mean and clean.  This a football party, comfort food loving snack.  Just go for a run before and you won’t feel so bad! Continue reading Buffalo Chicken Dip