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Perfect BLT

Perfect BLT

Ah, there is nothing like August tomatoes in New England.  I wait all year for this moment and have to eat tomatoes every day for almost every meal.  A BLT is one of my favorite ways to enjoy the first perfect delicious summer tomato.  Please, do not get cute with your BLT.  This is not the time to be making fancy sauces or adding un-necessary ingredients.

A perfect BLT is:

  • White Bread (sorry, no exceptions) perfectly toasted, not too light, not too dark.  I prefer Pepperidge Farm white.
  • A thickly sliced local (not purchased at the grocery store!!!) farm tomato.  Season with salt and pepper on BOTH sides.
  • 3 Slices of perfectly cooked bacon.
  • A dab of your favorite mayo.  Sorry, light or low fat mayo is not acceptable in this situation.
  • A slice of iceburg lettuce, preferably purchased at the same farm you got the tomato at.  Sorry, once again, spring mix, etc. is not acceptable here.

If you follow these rules, you will enjoy one of summers simplest pleasures :)