BBQ Chicken 3 Ways

It’s summer and I don’t know about you, I always feel like a kid in the summer.  I sit at my desk working, look outside the window and wish I was at the beach or the pool.  We are lucky, we have a pool, so I try to finish my work early and make simple dinners so that we can maximize the pool time as soon as the work day is over.  I love making dishes that do double and triple duty so I can lounge on my lounge chair instead of being stuck inside cooking dinner.  Here’s a great way to get multiple meals (Dinner and next day Lunch, Dinner, next day Lunch and next day Dinner, etc.) out of one main recipe.

Day 1, make BBQ Chicken

BBQ chicken

Day 2, Make BBQ Chicken Salad for Lunch

BBQ chicken salad

Day 2, Make BBQ Chicken Quesadillas for Dinner

BBQ chicken quesadilla

Day 3, look for something else good to make on my site!