Thanksgiving Table Settings


I usually use a mustard colored tablecloth for Thanksgiving but thought I would try something unexpected by using dark green.  I love the way the oranges really pop against the green tablecloth.  This was very inexpensive too.  Bought the gourds for $7 at Sunnycrest farm, picked the pine cones & bittersweet in the woods.  :) 



I decorate for Christmas the Day after Thanksgiving, so I hate to spend a lot of money on flowers for my Thanksgiving table settings, knowing they will be thrown out the next day.  Last year I got free pumpkins from Sunnycrest (the farm was closing the day before Thanksgiving) and went outside picked pine cones, got some bittersweet in the woods, clipped some of my front shrub for greens (LOL!) and bought some fruit to make a really pretty, cheap natural centerpiece.  I felt very Martha Stewart!

Picture 343

Picture 344